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Twenty years ago when my sons decided they were too old to trick or treat,  I decided to turn my home into a haunted house. In 2003 the first Bellevue Avenue Haunted House was born. With props borrowed from Halloween Guru Rusty Trombley,  my sons, Dallas and Dillon Trombley, and their friend Michael Ball, the first Bellevue Avenue Haunted House Tour was born. We invited our neighbors and friends to tour our haunted home and although the walk through was brisk  it was a hit!




Over the years, with the help of many friends, family, neighbors and volunteers our home is transformed

The following year we stepped it up with the help of several volunteers who joined our cast of frightening characters and the Boo Crew was born. Volunteers have come and gone but it takes an army of them to recreate the haunted house and scare the trick-or-treaters that dare to pass through the foray.


I would be remiss not to mention several Boo Crew members who return year after year to help: Dee Lamoureux, Laurie Abatiell, Bobbi Jo Stellato, Ryan Maines, Michele Weeks, Claire Waterman, Mary and Kevin Markowski, Melissa and Robert Knox, Angela Buffum, Pattie Barkey and my husband Gary Spaulding. We are also grateful to the Mentor Connector volunteers. I need to also thank my neighbors who run out of candy every year and deal with the boarded-up windows and onslaught of screaming trick-or-treaters.


It was never our intention to take away from the wonderful charity haunted houses like the Pittsford Haunted House that raises money for the fire department; or the Wilson Castle Haunted Tours that benefit the castle's heating fund. Therefore our haunted house is one night only and always Oct. 31. A few years ago we introduced a donation jar to help defray the costs associated with creating the haunted house. We do not require a fee to go through the house but we appreciate any and all amounts people feel comfortable donating. In 2022, we were able to  donate $600 to the Mentor Connector Activity Fund from the almost 1,000 trick or treaters who made it past the front door. We will be donating to the Mentor Connector again this year.


Visitors are only allowed through the haunted house once. We have found that allowing guests to go through multiple times ruins the experience for other guests and jeopardizes the safety of our volunteers. Children under the age of 10 are encouraged to accept the free glow-stick that when visible to our volunteers signals them to remain still until children  pass.

During the past 20 years we have only been closed a few times due to COVID-19. We are happy to return this year to celebrate our 20th anniversary with those who have made this haunted house a family tradition over the years, as well as new visitors.  


Looking forward to scaring you in 2023!

© 2018 by Boo Crew Haunted House.

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